Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Her first day

Eyes were flooded with tear ..voice was breaking ....remembering home and comfort in it ..and trace anger towards parents ..about their separation ….her emotions on her first day as she was entering an unknown world where she need to obey existing disciplines and her personal identity takes time in new world with new relations around her …..as every thing is brand new for her …her first day anxiety was remarkable…

Waking up early at 7.30 which is quite irritating for 3 years old kid, as she enjoys the warmth of bed and woolen wrap on cloudy morning of June.
It was amazing to look at her half opened mouth and her sound sleep …but fear of getting late was warning me . To be frank I hate waking up sleeping beauties and when it comes to baby it is even more difficult .Speculating with curiosity She opened her eyes with thought why I am waking her up so early and on realizing about scholl ….Thungabhadra –Kaveri stated rushing..

“”huu…nannu school ge hogalla..maneelleei irtheeni .huuuu.”...

With combination of physical or mental energy I took her to bath and dressed her up in uniform which is quite long for her. She was quite on the way, as she approached her classroom and looking at two kids crying for their parents, my daughter’s bravery went off and and she joined other two with amplified noice. Holding my dress insisting me to stay back in class.

I can hear her raging voice from the class …and it vanished with the distance. As time is great a teacher ,she learned the rules and she now identifies her self with new classroom, her friends and school as her new exploration and her window to the real world ….now she goes jumping to the school as she loves it .

I sense the same emotion rush and trauma in a newly married Bride….while separating from her parents and moving towards her another identity. Both situations may share the same emphasis but they have their own significance in everyone’s experience.

Bride …the name symbolizes a new synonym for a girl with different shades of a new connectivity in her life. She portrays parent’s daughter and same time exposed to formulas required to build up a healthy family. For both the families marriage is celebration and rejoicing the new association as groom side members are happy to receive and bride side parents are happy that they have found suitable partner for her.

Soon after marriage girl in bridal wear feels the transition of her role. Tears in her eyes signify leaving her identity and missing comfort zone around her . Heavy heart prefers to keep silent through journey till she reaches new home. Argument of her thoughts and acceptance of unavoidable changes in her life takes months to settle down.

Introduction of new rules and her role in new home adds up her agony, as time is great healer …down the line she will be an adorable member of family. With passing days she learns her responsibility towards her recognition. Maturity comes through accountability to her mistakes and learning process as a good student mold a good teacher in her. Proficient connectivity with her parents home boost her personality and in span of years crying bride will modify as mature lady to welcome near and dear of family to her home .

Narration of mental state, going to handle a set of responsibility with combination of anxiety and grief. .Deserted feeling in her mind accumulates strength as she know parent support is not available in handling her duties .All together I see it as training session of civilized society to their off springs, learning in school to become capable citizen and independent in life .In case of bride it is training session for her to build a respectable family so that down the line she will become teacher for her descendant. 
Accepting fresh air results in expansion of a flower’s aroma . Always gaining part has sharing part in it in every aspect of life .New student of an institute and new member of a family both share their identity and same time the recipient school and home also gains new definition with them.

(My sincere gratitude towards owner of these cartoons and picture.....Thank you )


  1. Great comparison and nicely written..

  2. Hi Prashanth....thanks for u r valuable comments

  3. Hello, I was wondering where you found the image third from the top? Or have the name of the artist?

  4. HI..the painting u liked in this post, i found in google images while searching for bridal painting ..u can chk the same in below link http://paintingsartsculpturephotography.blogspot.com/2010/05/women-in-paintings.html